What is My-Lift?
A breakthrough non-invasive and non-surgical facial treatment that gives an instant anti-aging effect to your skin. With aid of the latest technology, your collagen production in the dermis will be stimulated through ultrasonic waves. Immediately after treatment, your sagging skin will be lifted and firmer to make you look younger and wrinkle-free.

● Give your skin longer and naturally lifted effect.
● Painless and damage-free skin with non-invasive technique
● Stimulate collagen production for naturally glowing from inside out
● No downtime

● Immediate result within 40-60 minutes of treatment
● Less wrinkles around forehead, eyes, and lips area
● Tighten skin on the forehead and cheeks area
● Reduced chin, neck and marionette line
● Improved skin texture, resulting in radiant and delicate skin.


What is Bojin Facial?
A traditional facial treatment which uses Bojin sticks to gently massages and reactive pressure points. This painless treatment is not only relaxing but also relieves facial muscle tension for less headaches and pain. As a result, blood circulation increases and your skin looks healthier and more radiant. This treatment can also reshape your jawline, resulting in a slimmer and V-shaped face.

● Unclogged facial meridians for active blood circulation and toxin removal
● Stimulate collagen production for naturally glowing from inside out
● Improved uneven skin tone, dark eye circles and puffy eyes
● No downtime

● Firmer skin with active collagen production
● Healthier and fresh-looking skin with smooth blood circulation
● Relaxed facial muscle and less appearances of aging line
● Reshaped jawline for V-shaped face


What is My-Slim?
A breakthrough body treatment that tackles your excess fat for slimmer body and firmer skin (effect from sagging skin). With the aid of modern technologies, the excess fat will break down, transferred and removed via lymph nodes. With the combination of our signature slimming formula wrap and heating blanket, your body metabolism will be boosted for effective body reshaping.

● Stimulate lipolytic hormone for fat breakdown
● Detoxification and fat removal through sweat
● Boost body metabolism for detoxification and fat burning
● Improves blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.

● Less body fat percentage
● Reduces bloating, water retention and pain.
● Less appearance of cellulite
● Faster body reshaping
● Better sleep quality and more energetic body